Friday, December 9, 2011

Our tree

This year we trimmed our little aluminum tree with old glass ornaments from the goodwill.
They are so delicate and sweet.
I'm sure a few will be lost for the cause this christmas...but I'm gonna enjoy them while they last.

Ayden wasn't very excited about having a "short, silver tree."
I guess it's not really christmas in our house because our tree isn't green.
Don't you love when your little ones speak their mind?
It's pretty funny the things they come up with...
and I only wish I could speak my mind half as much as him!

I love this time of year!


Barbara said...

We used to have a big silver tree with the color wheel light that changed colors. Growing up, I HATED THAT THING!!!! I wanted a green tree like everybody else! So I can empathize with Ayden... But, I would give anything to have that tree now, they're super expensive nowadays...

Heather said...

:) love that last picture!