Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ayden's field trip last week was so much fun.
No rainstorms.
Just pumpkins.

Lucas really liked this pumpkin.
I know because he has his pointer finger out, it screams love.

This horse had seriously creepy blue eyes.
I'd never seen a blue eyed horse before...creepy.

Two seconds after this picture was taken,
this horse bit the finger of a 4 year old.
We decided not to mess with this guy.

So we moved on to this Llama.
Olivia waited all day to see him!

We took a really fun hay ride.
Ayden was pumped.
Olivia sat close to me & ate goldfish.
She was pumped on snacks :)

Grumpy face.
a goofy face.

They both talked about this trip all the way home.
And then we got burritos.

It was a good day.

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lauren ♥ said...

great photos! looks like so much fun. and wow, you have the most beautiful skin... what is your secret?! <3