Monday, August 24, 2009

Picky Eater

I have a picky eater.
His name is Ayden.
Or "Aydee-Boo" if you ask him.

He loves: beans, cheese, & tortillas.
But that's about it.

His love for mexican & dairy has really effected his "schedule."
If you catch my drift.

And I like my babies to poop with ease,
so I've decided to get back to being sneaky with the food I cook in my house.

Yesterday I bought an arsenal of mommy ammo to fight my picky eater.
Secret weapons that I totally get a kick about using because no one even knows...!

First order of business were Chocolate Chip cookies.
Secret ingredients:
1) Flax Seed
2) Wheat Germ
3) Chick Peas
4) Oatmeal
5) Whole Wheat flour

The cookies were actually really good & you couldn't taste a difference (really) plus it has like a 3rd less sugar then a normal I could eat a few more and not feel so bad.

Dinner was "Chicken Cigars":
1) Low fat cheese mixed with pureed winter squash.

Wrapped in a tortilla & baked in the oven...that boy didn't know what hit him.

So from here on out, I'm gonna load that boy with a ton of my secret weapons
poop til' his hearts content!


Lauren Fisher said...

Good for you, you sneaky little mama. He will thank you later!

You'll have to give me the recipes that are really good so I can sneak them into my own food (if that can even work)

Kari, Tommy, 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and Violet makes 8 said...

I want that cookie recipe :) Such a good mama you are!

Life McCupcakes said...

where do u get your recipies from??