Thursday, August 6, 2009


I made the duo their very own library bags for our visits to the library.
We might not live in the most beautiful of towns, but we have a great library.
And they love it.

Taking them to the library reminds me so much of when I was lil' and my grandma would take me and my sister to the Covina library.

At 7, I was slightly obsessed with the Elephant Man.

Don't ask me why?

And I'm sure the librarian thought I was slightly peculiar.
And I was probably the only one to actually check out those books...

It's fun to share these memories with them now minus the Elephant Man.

I let them pick 3 books each (although I always keep a index card in my wallet of children's books I really think we should I might sway their decision just a tad).

But in the end we can home with:
Ugly Fish
Scary House
No David (in Spanish)
Monster Party

They like what they like.
And there's nothing better than that.


bartomjea said...

We did lots of library trips too when mine were young...they had reading contests and stuff, they liked it--wonder if they even remember it...hmm, I'll have to ask.....I loved to read as a kid too. I used to hide on the shelf in my closet with a flashlight and pillow and read for hours--freak--lol...maybe I just figured no one would interupt me...I never get around to reading books anymore, I really miss's a great thing to get them interested in....

A Boy Named Demetri said...

You're such a good mom Dena! So, whens the baby shower? Can we make it soon? I keep seeing so much cute baby stuff! If I could just push out my own baby real quick I would! xoxo but in the mean time, I need you to let me dress yours, k?