Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!!

We had our family over for a small birthday party for Lucas.
He turned 2 on Sunday.
And I really can't believe it.
But I say that every year as they get older and I imagine I'll be old & wrinkly looking at them thinking where did the time go's what parents do.

So onto the birthday!

Lucas loves the Happy Birthday song.
He's a singer.
And so we started singing it everyday during the week...

So when everyone began to sing him THE song, he lipsinked the whole way thru until he blew out the candles which he did like a champ! 

Lucas we love you!
You keep us all on the edge of our seats.
You are tough as nails,
but as sweet as can be.
I thank God everyday that he let me be your mommy!

Happy Birthday!!!


lauren ♥ said...

wow, your boy is gorgeous! that video really show how totally cute he is! <3

Anonymous said...

what a cutie!! :)