Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend in Rewind


We had a really good weekend over here in our neck of the woods.
Kyle did yard work and officially made our backyard, a yard.
Grass and all.
It looks lovely.

Nothing screams sexy then watching your man do yard work, let me tell you!
(to much information?... perhaps)

I woke up Saturday feeling so happy to be laying in bed with my boys with the sun shining thru my window.
Weekends really have been cherished lately.

We did venture out of our cave for a birthday party,
where Lucas ended up spraining his ankle on the world's biggest bouce house.
He shot out the bottom like a rocket...landing in a downward dog, rolling his ankle.
And nothing is sadder than seeing a baby with a limp.
But feels so much better now, thankfully.

We also had friends over for dinner,
which was so great and so very grown up of us.
We're slow learners, what can I say!

Ever since I started working, juggling it all has been a real challenge for me.
I've actually never been great at juggling it all,
let's be honest.

So the time I actually get to spend with friends I really cherish.
And it makes me realize we need to have people over more often.
So we decided to make it a recurring event.

So keep your eye out for a dinner invite :)


The Soul Anchor said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE! It's a big joke (but very serious!) between my fiance and I that I loooooove to watch him to yard work or do woodworking or anything where he's being active and creating things. It's very sexy to me!

Kathleen said...

I agree a sweaty man doing things or lifting things is attractive!