Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Extra-Ordinary Life

One of my very favorite quotes...
such a perfect reminder to slow down in life and really cherish these fleeting moments. 
And not let the stresses of life distract us from what life is really about.

"Sensing the ground shifting beneath my feet,

I resisted the new, unknown territory,

already nostalgic for what I'd so recently taken for granted.

I missed my old world and it's funny little inhabitants,

those great big personalities still housed in small,

sweet bodies.

I missed my sons' kissable cheeks and round bodies,

their unanswerable questions,

their innocent faith,

their sudden tears and wild infectious giggles,

even the smell of morning breath,

when they would leap, upon waking, from their own warm beds directly into ours.

I missed the person I had been for them,


the younger, more capable mother who read aloud for hours,

stuck raisin eyes into bear shaped pancakes,

created knights armor from cardboard and duct tape.

Certainly my talents didn't seem quite as impressive anymore,

my company not as desirable as it once had been."

-(excerpt from The Gift of an Ordinary Life)